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    Ontario Disability Support Program

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services administers the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).


There are various elements to ODSP:


Income Support

To be eligible for the Ontario Disability Savings Program (ODSP) the individual with the disability must meet in definition of disability according to the Ontario Disability Support Program Act and be in financial need.


Health and Disability Benefits

You will receive coverage for medication, dental and vision care as well as the cost of disability-related items.


Employment Supports

You do not have to be receiving financial assistance from ODSP to receive employment support. ODSP has developed partnerships with employment agencies to help find individuals with disabilities meaningful employment opportunities. They provide support such as:

  • Preparing a resume for a job interview
  • Job coaching
  • Access to adaptive technology
  • Job accommodations and support


These supports will also assist with the start of a business, such as:

  • Assisting to develop and implement a business plan
  • Money management and record keeping
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Mentorship


To be eligible to receive assistance through ODSP an individual must:

  • Be an Ontario resident, 18 years of age, (16 years of age to be eligible to receive employment supports). Applicants can apply 6 months prior to their 18th birthday.
  • Must have a disability or be a member of a prescribed class who do not have to go through the disability adjudication process.
  • Are unable to cover daily living expenses.


ODSP was designed to assist individuals who have a disability maintain independence. I would be happy to sit down and discuss ODSP with you. The information on this page was derived from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services website and can be found here.